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The best book to improve your Board's performance and for you to become a world-class Director for Private Company Boards of Directors

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Lawyer in Lobby

Such practical advice!  I solved my company's Board succession issues  quickly."

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The Private Company Board of Director's Book is a life saver - I was able to speak with authority at my next meeting.


Got us up to speed fast and gave some good examples that we could relate to.  Thank you for helping us level-up!

The Private Company
Board of Directors Book, 2nd Edition

Just the facts:  The essentials you need to know about boards

Are you certain you know all the duties, responsibilities and liabilities associated with serving on a Board of Directors?  Learn quickly with this short concise primer.

  • Owner of a Private Company? - This book will tell you what you need to form and operate an effective Board of Directors for your company.

  • Prospective Director? - Learn what a Board does and what you will need to know in order to hit the ground running on a new board seat position.

  • New Director? - Get up to speed on Boards, how they function and the roles and responsibilities of a Director.

  • Experienced Director? - Refresh your knowledge about the legal duties of a Director and your potential liability exposure as a Director.

  • C-Level Exec? - This book gives you both a general overview of what the function of a Board is for a company as well as specific details on your proper interactions with your company Directors. 


The Private Company Board of Directors Book, 2nd Edition gives you all the essential facts you need to be an effective Director. For owners of Private Companies, the book will help you achieve a world-class Board to ensure your company's future success.


The Nonprofit Directors Book will be published in May 2022.  

Please check back here for more information soon.

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