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Techie on Board

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Following up on my previous Blog in which I championed having rules in place for how Directors use social media and technology for their Board duties, this Blog asserts that Board in consumer product or services industries should have a Director who is a tech savvy marketer. The internet, mobile media and social media are so prevalent in every part of our lives, that a Company which does not have at least one Director who has a strong understanding and hands on experience with those technologies an marketing tools is doing itself a huge disservice.

In my book (The Private Company Board of Directors Book. 2nd Edition), I argue that having a marketer on the Board is a necessity if your company sells anything to the public, or a subset of the general public (whether you sell household products, legal services, tax preparation services, software, car parts, or pharmaceuticals). As I discuss in the book, the Board needs directors who have a direct connection with the world outside the Company, can see new developments in other industries and technologies that can be applied to the Company.

More and more, not only do you need a marketing expert, but one that is also savvy in social media marketing (the dos and don’ts and emerging marketing techniques linked to social media). Get in touch with the real world that your Company has to live and compete in - make sure you get a Director on your Board with expertise in Marketing and the new technology and media driving consumer opinion and purchasing now.


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